posted by Michel on Mar 29

These are our new arrivals the first few months of 2012:

  • Happy, a very young puppy found by Matt and Angela from Canada in Boracay
  • Shakira, a 1 year old female suffering from canine distemper, found by Moien Legaspi
  • Blacky, a young dog and brother of Gracia who is already with us, surrendered by our neighbour
  • David, an older dog that is suffering from lymphoma and epilepsy and badly in need of a home for the few years he has left, surrendered by Joan and Beth
  • Jude, a puppy and only survivor of a litter of 3, surrendered by our painter
  • Pulis, Major, Queenie, Laurie and Tagpi were all found by our relatives and Moien

They may not look so good now, but some have shown really good improvement already and we will do everything to make them feel better and perhaps even find new homes for them! Thank you everybody and welcome to these precious and needy souls!!!


New arrivals early 2012

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