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The new arrivals for early 2011 are pictured here. A kitten named Fifi and pregnant female Nanay (who gave birth to 5 beautiful kittens in the mean time) were found at Kalibo Airport while checking out our patients from last November. Both are still a little shy but are very friendly. Fifi is scheduled for sterilisation this week and Nanay and her kittens in around 3 months. Then Biselda was encountered while riding our scooter on the way home and the owner brought her to our house the next day for treatment. She suffers from mange and a hip injury due to a traffic incident. We can fix the mange but orthopedic surgery is not available here, so we’re hoping that making her stronger by improving her muscles with good food will help her move about a bit smoother. She walks and even runs, but it’s obviously not quite right. Jiji is originally from Sebaste, Antique (home town of Neressa), where she heard of a needy and sickly puppy, which we picked up after the annual town fiesta. She was found to suffer from starting mange and worms so we started treatment right away. She will also be sterilised in 3 months time.

Fifi, Biselda, Jiji and Nanay with her 5 kittens (born at AARRC)

LtoR,TtoB: Fifi, Biselda, Jiji and Nanay with her 5 kittens (born at AARRC)


But just as we thought we could concentrate on all of our patients pictures above, new ones came pouring in. Puppy Pablo was brought in by the owner of Biselda (see above) and from what I understand, he belongs to the people next door to him. Such a young thing and already suffering from severe mange that has all but complete obliterated his fur. One morning as we came back from walking our pack on the beach, we saw a tiny puppy crawling about, obviously way too young to be away from its mother. She had an eye infection apparently and clearly needed help. Since no one seemed to know where she belonged, we just took her with us and named her Tita. Our Dutch volunteer for this period, our dear friend Nicky Jenken (pictured on the right), was getting supplies at a local pet store and veterinarian, when she met Evan and Juanita from the Blue Starfish Resort in Jawili who told her that they had found two small kittens and didn’t know what to do with them. Of course we picked them up and this is the jolly couple (boy and girl) just after we arrived back home. The good news is that the word has been spreading about our activities. One early morning two people on a motorcycle brought their puppy Giorgio to us. He had stopped eating two days earlier after his mother had been found dead (we don’t know why) and they were quite rightly worried about him. He was dehydrated and suffering from anemia. The picture shows Nicky examining him. Fortunately, we managed to fix him up and soon he’ll be ready to home. Not without the firm promise that we’ll have him sterilised in a few months though!

New Arrivals Part II

New Arrivals Part II, Pablo, Tita, the two Blue Starfish kittens and Giorgio

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