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Recently, I joined a group on Facebook entitled “Save Brindi From the City of Halifax” which is about a dog that was seized by the Halifax authorities over a year ago. He’s been on death row ever since, not even being allowed visits from his owner. What’s worse, from what I can tell he’s not even been properly evaluated by knowledgeable dog trainers to establish whether or not he is indeed as dangerous as some are making him out to be. As a result, Halifax is forking out lots of taxpayers’ money on legal proceedings and forcing the owner to do the same. The only ones that benefit from this are the lawyers, nobody else. Not the community, certainly not the dog, not the city, nobody! IMHO there were ample opportunies for more efficient and friendly ways of handling the situation, where the dog involved could have been fully rehabilitated and be returned to the care of its owner.

At the request of Maureen Hurly, one of the group’s active members, I emailed the authorities and, very nice I must add, got a reply. If you want to read the discussion. Here it is.

Dear Sir, Madam,

It has come to my attention that a dog named Brindi has been kept in an animal control facility for over a year, without the rightful keeper being allowed to visit.

Apart from the fact that it is completely unethical for authorities to keep an animal in confinement while it’s perceived “threat to society” has not been properly and unmistakably established, I would have you know that it is even more unacceptable to spend tax payers money (and indeed, to force the keeper to do the same) on such trivial matters.

As a certified dog trainer and active member of my community, I would expect the authorities to take a far more constructive course of action which would:

* benefit the animal
* benefit the keeper
* benefit the community

and it’s not rocket science! Send the dog and the keeper to a qualified and well established dog trainer and the problem is solved in an efficient, cost effective and constructive manner.

What is happening now defies all logic and, in actual fact, is a disgrace to the city of Halifax for the world to see. I strongly suggest that you reconsider your strategy in this matter and do what’s right for ALL involved.

Sincery yours,

Michel J.L. van der Kleij.



This matter is before the courts and I am not able to comment on specifics .

It appears, based on your comments, that you may not have all the correct information.

Thank you

Supt. Bill Moore



Thank you very much for your reply, however, I beg to differ.

True, by now the case has become so complicated that an outsider such as myself can’t possibly know all the details. But the fact that the matter is before the courts is EXACTLY my point: legal proceedings would be entirely unnecessary had proper and animal-behavioural methods been applied. That would have saved the city and individuals involved a lot of money and aggravation. It appears that the whole affair has simply escalated beyond what seems appropriate in such matters.

I realise that, now the matter is in the hands of the courts, there is very little you can do at this point. Still, I would like to respectfully request that, wherever possible, you do everything in your power to ensure that the case is resolved in the most (animal)friendly possible way so that both community and all involved will benefit from a mutually agreeable solution.

Kind regards,


5 Comments to “Brindi: in prison but innocent”

  1. Wayne Croft Says:


    Proper animal-behavioural methods should of been applied by the dog owner,before it was necessary for AC to pay the owner 4 visits, The main problem here is the owner has a dog she cannot control or refuses to control,for whatever reasons.
    I have been following this matter since day one and have at one time supported the owner, however unlike you I did get all the facts and have determined that its not the SPCA or AC which is at fault in this case but the owner.
    Are you awear of the fact that the owner worked with 2 well known dog trainers in this province,and as a result the owners attitude both signed off?
    I suggest before you support the owner you do a bit more research.


  2. Michel Says:

    Thank you for your comment Wayne, very refreshing indeed! You’re right of course, it’s better to know all the facts, or at least as many as possible. Admittedly, I haven’t done much research and lent my support mostly based on my personal experience with authorities in these matters. Unfortunately, that experience has shown that the animal’s interest are way down the bottom of the list. This and the fact that all this legal stuff seems so unnecessary made me react. Thanks again for your insight Wayne.

  3. Alma Says:

    Thank you for speaking as the voice of the professional to help save this poor dog. How awful it is when authorities surpass what they have a right to do as told to them by the people but now they will not listen to them There has to be a strategy to get their attention.

  4. Beth Sizemore Says:

    Hi there Mich! I really appreciate your involvement with animal matters such as this. You are the voice of the animals.

  5. Bob Says:

    Thanks for your help with Brindi.
    Wayne Croft is not truthful. He never supported Brindi’s owner. Instead, he has been harassing her. He sends her threats like the one below and he even tried to get her electricity cut off. He started a blog dedicated to defaming her and he cyberstalks her by going to every blog on the web that is positive towards her, like yours.

    He is also giving out wrong information, and it is not surprising, because he tries at every chance to malign this person. Animal Control did not pay the owner four visits; they came twice before they seized her dog, and they never charged her with anything, until six months after that, right after she won her case in court! And she does not refuse to control her dog – on the contrary!!! She went to obedience classes and worked with trainers and consulted them on each occasion of a problem.
    One of the trainers he talks about is the one involved. Contrary to what he says, this trainer told Brindi’s owner very recently in front of a judge that he would “love” to work with her and would like to see her get her dog back. So Wayne is not telling the truth there, either.

    Here is one of his latest messages to Brindi’s owner:
    Dog Lover has left a new comment on your post “Free Brindi Radio Hits the Airwaves!! “:

    WE GET IT SHOW ME THE MONEY! Since its about BRINDI and not about you Ya YOU!
    Why in fuck don’t you move on number one you are not a CANADIAN citizen,You can’t live by our laws. SO SWEET CHEEKS MOVE ON!!!!

    Take that to the RCMP all you are doing is pissing them off with your bs.

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