posted by Michel on Mar 24

If there is one thing I truly hate about the Philippines, it surely must be cockfighting. Why do I hate it so much? Read on!

A recent article in the Examiner tells us of a representative who wants a cruel and heartless pastime to be registered as “cultural heritage”.

That representative, and indeed the government, fails to recognise cockfighting for what it really is: a national addiction to gambling. Nothing more, nothing less. It has no more to do with Philippine culture than, say, having to go to the loo everyday.

I realise that in our own country, much to my resentment, use of soft drugs is legalised under certain circumstances and that many individuals engage in the drug scene in one way or another. Some make a good living from it. Others, the addicts, are forced to steal to get their daily fix. There are those that use (soft) drugs and carry on living, if only a little shorter. So intertwined with life over here it most certainly is, but calling drugs part of our cultural heritage? NO WAY!!!

Gambling, of course, makes the poor even poorer and the rich even richer. It induces crime and spreads poverty. Additionally, it is simply torture of living creatures that suffer badly and unnecessarily, all in the name of, wait for it, “entertainment” … In short this is definitely NOT what I would want my national cultural heritage to associate with. Should’t cultural heritage be about things that you are really proud of? So what pride can one possibly have over a pair of innocent birds that are forced to kill each other (which they would never do in nature)?

Furthermore, the people that frequent these gruelling and bloody events only teach their offspring that (animal) suffering and drawing blood is “fun” and that gambling is an acceptable pastime. So will these youngsters be guaranteed a peaceful and crimefree society when they grow up? I think not!

Cockfighting must be banned, it’s bad, bad news for filippinos!

Cockfight victim dying in vain

Innocent victim of gambling addiction

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  1. Michel Says:

    Update: I just found that the U.S. Humane Society is fighting the same battle. Some disgusting politicians are trying the same trick, i.e. disguising animal torture as “cultural heritage”. See The author, Wayne Pacelle, sums it all up on that page.

  2. Stephen Kho Says:

    As with dog and bull fighting, gambling and cruelty!

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