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Dogs LOVE running! They run all their lives almost from the moment they’re born. To them it’s second nature and a great way to exercise and have some fun all at once. And they’re no strangers to that competitive feeling either. So why would we want to stop greyhounds doing what they do best and what they seem to enjoy?

Here’s why:

Discarded after a tough life and faithful service

Yes, you saw that right: these are discarded greyhounds! They might have broken a limb or simply became too old, so their loving owner decided to dispose of them. And these might even be considered the lucky ones since they appear to have suffered a relative quick death. Most of them aren’t that lucky. They are kicked out on the streets where starvation and disease awaits them, thrown from moving cars or simply tortured to death.

Why? The answer is surprisingly simple: GREED!!!

I am not at all opposed to dogs having a bit of a run. After all they were born to hunt on sight and give chase after prey and as I said before, they love it. I’m opposed to the greyhound racing INDUSTRY since I know for a fact that they refuse to look after their dogs as soon as they stop being a good investment. Here are a few considerations:

One in how many greyhound puppies will turn into a real “winner”? One in, say, 500 perhaps? What do you think will happen to the 499 others? Adoption? Not likely! That’s way too much work for a busy greyhound racing owner. The greyhound racing industry in e.g. Australia produces well over 25,000 puppies each year.

A greyhound’s racing career lasts no more than 2 to 3 years, so that an astounding number of perfectly healthy, but “economically useless” dogs must be disposed of every year.

The “winners” are not to be envied either mind you! They never have a moment’s peace, they’re kept in small cages and are never allowed to walk free. After all, the “investment” must be protected at all cost. Inevitably, the moment comes that these former winners will be disposed of too after a tough life on and off the racing track.

Are you getting the picture yet? The greed that drives both owners and gamblers is a brutal killer. People without remorse aiming to make a quick buck over the backs of these loving creatures is what makes greyhound racing so inhumane. As long as the industry cannot guarantee 100% that the dogs will be treated properly, we shouldn’t allow it!

Are these happy dogs?

Personally, I thinks it’s incredibly sad that we, as the human race, are unable to get a grip on the shady side of humanity to prevent them from hurting another, exceedingly loving, species for the love of money, simple greed. Oh man, I truly resent that. We all have to make a living, but this is simply unacceptable.

In the Philippines, there’s been a lot of debate lately whether or not to allow greyhound racing. The Philippine Star has featured an article on the matter which includes the letters of two animal welfare organisations to the Philippines’ Senate. You can read the article here. PETA, PAWS, AWC and many more animal welfare groups are staging protests. We can only hope the politicians will take notice and not give in to the gambling industry. It is very obvious that there’s already enough animal suffering there (cock fighting, diminishing forests available to wildlife, just to name a few) so we most certainly don’t want any more of it.

Fortunately, more and more people are beginning to realise that the criminals running this pitiful, inhumane show must be stopped. In 6 U.S. states and in South Africa, grayhound racing is already banned. In Australia, this informative web site shows exactly what goes on in the industry and what extremely loveable creatures greyhounds really are. The RSPCA (U.K.) relased a full report in PDF format. It deals with the fate that awaits greyhounds, whippets, spanish galgos, cross-breeds and many more in Wales and around the U.K. Go check out these links please.

This is how it should be!

This is how it should be!

Come on folks, let’s make sure these villains get what they deserve instead of getting rich!!!

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  1. Beth Says:

    thank you for the article michel. today, i just signed the petition to stop the greyhound racing in the philippines, we really have to work hard to help the voiceless animals.

  2. Liz Says:

    I rescued a greyhound. Yes, I said it, RESCUED. I have met owners who say they are not rescued just adopted. Puhleaze! Their excuses for the “sport” are that they love to run. Sure they love to run! But they don’t belong in cages for most of the day. greyhounds love to do many other things aside from running. Such as laying on the couch all day.
    Animals are not in existence for us. That’s an idea that is very hard to swallow for most people. Animals are not here to feed us or to entertain us. We don’t need to waste our money on training them to run, and we don’t need to eat them.
    E-vegan for 3 years

  3. Katelyn Says:

    This is quite sad, and you made a great article. However, another point is all too obvious in the first picture: People simply aren’t trying to end HORSE racing, which is just as bad, if not worst. Its similar, in that those horses love to run, but are bred to have thin, fragile bones and lead out a horrible life.

  4. Michel Says:

    Katelyn, I totally agree with you: horse racing is probably equally inhumane. However, I didn’t research the subject because my post was about PREVENTING greyhound racing from being introduced in the Philippines. I’d love to do something on the ghastly similarities that you suggest exist. Please post some links for us here so we may spread the word!

  5. Donnie Says:

    Making racing illegal IS NOT the answer. I have 3 track rescued greys and will continue to adopt. the problem with outlawing racing is this, at current we have agencys looking after the welfare of the animals, if you make it illegal it will not stop racing and there will be nobody to look out for the animlas welfare. what we need are stricter laws on breeding and tougher laws for those that abuse ANY ANIMAL.

  6. Kel Says:

    Support Greyhound racing!! Ignore ignorant propaganda. –From a loving greyhound owner.

  7. natilee Says:

    hi we own greyhounds and race them they have the most comfortable kennels two meals a day .We take them for walks twice aday and outings to the beach and forest for excercise.
    Much better life then the average dog.

  8. Mary Says:

    Thank you Michael for a really informative article.
    I have 2 rescue greyhounds, one was areal winner for his owners. He ended up chewing the wall of his kennel after his racing came to an end.There certainly doesn’t Need to be tracks in the Philippines.

  9. mitch Says:


  10. Ingrid Says:

    My family might get a greyhound. We’re looking at a sweet dog named Esme.
    After seeing this picture I really want to stop greyhound racing. Its just sick

  11. jd Says:

    i have 3 greyhounds that we use to race, lewis, parker and pj and they love it! if anything happened to them wile racing we would not put them down we would pay for them to be healthy again and then keep them as pets. they have great kennels with a radio and heating. we walk them 3 miles a day. thats a much better life for a dog than bein couped up in a house all day.

  12. Ingrid Says:

    I agree with you jd, and i think that its great that you would keep them as pets and not put them down, but do they really like being put in their kennels? What greyhounds really want is a home and love. Yes they love racing, but they’re also 45 mph couch potatos who want to cuddle up with you on the couch.

  13. matt Says:

    it’s no different to any other dog if they are in pain from an injury the most humane thing to do is put the poor things! how many dogs are hit by cars a year and put down!!!? i have a couple of greyhounds who live like kings. have acres of paddocks to run around during the day and are kenneled away from cold in shed of night, and and givin plenty of affection! better than living in city flat locked up from the fresh air all day or in backyard on chain with a kennel!

  14. Lily Says:

    Matt, the problem is that dog owners do not knowingly put their dogs on the road to be hit, you however are the reason that they get the injuries. You knowingly put your dogs on the racetrack even though you are fully aware of the danger. Until owners begin to purposefully throw their dogs under cars, that is not a valid point.
    I am very sure Natilee, Kel and many other race greyhound owners take fantastic care of their greyhounds and their dogs have fantastic lives, but that’s not the issue. For every responsible owner there is another greedy, irresponsible owner and that is the problem here. If you really care about your greyhounds as much as you claim, quitting greyhound racing should be a small sacrifice to insure that others of this beautiful breed also have the life they deserve.

  15. Kai Says:

    wow people are asses really, I have been against it since I first heard of it years ago, Greyhounds (I’ve met many) have such beautiful personalities, all the ones I meet are just really shy and don’t know what to think, but if you are nice! They’re such lovely creatures (as any dog is really). I might get one, but the smaller variety! I heard they do racing with Italian Greyhounds, but mine would just know a great life

  16. Dan Says:

    Wow, for all of those who are owners of greyhounds and are standing your ground that you are caring for your greyhounds very well and racing them, I applaud you for your actions of caring for your greyhounds and making sure they are not being abused. However, I would think that if this was the case, you would also be in support of those here who are fighting to prevent those who do NOT take care of their greyhounds and do put them in harm’s way of the many cruel treatments that happen.
    I rescued a dog from the tracks that was “thrown away” and not cared for well at all, so I can tell you that yes, there is a big problem that exists in this racing industry. I can only have wished that she was in the good care while racing that you write about in your posts, but the truth is, she was not and she is not a rare occurrence at all, she is a norm.

  17. Tessa Says:

    my family rescued a greyhound that was born in Oklahoma, she was only 2 years old and was going to be put down because she didnt have the desire to race. I understand that not everyone who races greyhounds abuses them, but I also cant ignore the fact that most people DO. i think greyhound racing should be illegal, just because some people treat their greys with respect doesnt mean that everyone does or will in the future – greed is a powerful thing.

  18. Johnny foxhound Says:

    Hey there, You write some great blogs. I check back here often to find out if you have modified. I thought you might want to know, whenever I click your RSS feed it re-directs me to

  19. Sally Smit Says:

    Hi there, it is the same with horse racing. I have worked in that industry and have seen some horrible things. Its all about the money and as long as rich powerful people are involved in these sports, they will continue. Its the same reason why 100′s of 1000′s of acres of rain forest are destroyed every year. I don’t know where these pics were taken, there seem to be a few dogs involved plus other ‘things’ in buckets, and a horse appears to be in the background. Hope you got the bastards. SS

  20. dantalia proctor Says:

    hi my names dani and my dads and i have grayhounds and we love them dearly the photos that u have put up here is not all ways the case in the gray hounds world loook if ppl look after there dogs and teat them with the same respect as they would with a child or a family mamber then these thing would not happen our gray hounds are dearly loved and are tected like a mamber of or family we know alot of ppl that own gray hounds and most of them look after there dogs maybbe if u didnt look at the bad side of the grayhound world u would feel this way about it….. in fact the gray hounds love to race and when they are at a race tract they are the happiest gray hounds are breed to run and it is in there blood and if they dnt wanna do it then they wouldnt run as some dogs do…. i have lost a grayhound to a race tract and it was the sadest momment of my life she was a gawjaz and loveing dog that loved to run and and if u dnt own or understand how the grayhound raceing soo maybbe u should like look in to the raceing wold be4 u go and jug the ppl that love there grayhounds….i was very up set to see that u all think that all grayhound owns are like some otheres there is like 1 in 20 grayhound traners that are in human to there dose the rest love and would do anything to help them lie=ve a happy life.

  21. Michel Says:

    Hi Dani. Thank you for your reaction. Please note that I’m not saying ALL greyhound owners that race their dogs are bad. It’s just that the sport is NOT about racing the dogs, it is about GAMBLING (i.e. MONEY). As you know, greedy people tend to forget their manners (to put it mildly), especially when it comes to animals, so those that oppose greyhound racing are afraid the less than civil breeders and owners will discard the unluckier ones among their dogs. And even if you’re right: if only 1 in 20 trainers are bad, that still exposes way way way too many innocent dogs to heartless people, which is unacceptable in my view.

  22. April Says:

    It was stated in the article that it’s not likely for greyhounds to be adopted. There are entire websites that are built around greyhound adoption (for example: You are also wrong about the winners never being able to walk free and always being kept in small cages. They do get to walk free, because they are trained often. Also, the winners often sleep apart from the others and get comfy beds. As for the racing, yes, it’s fueled by greed; however, don’t forget that most things are and that it’s impossible to guarantee 100% in anything. Don’t expect all racing to end, and don’t assume that all racing is out of greed. Greyhounds are instinctively driven to race each other. As soon as a greyhound sees another running, chances are high that it’ll take off after the other one or want to. I respect and understand your anger, but don’t use entirely biased arguments and don’t only use evidence that supports your view. Don’t get me wrong, I recognize that cruelty does take place and I hate it. I just disagree with some of the minor details you presented. My mom has two rescued greyhounds who are spoiled rotten. The only time they race is when our female greyhound gets the male to play with her (which almost never happens—He’s so lazy! XD). It’s funny when she tries to play with him, because he usually ignores her. She gets so frustrated! XD My mom researched a lot of stuff about greyhounds and greyhound racing.

  23. Michel Says:

    True April, there ARE good people who do look after their greyhounds well. I know a number of people that have adopted “retired” greyhounds from Spain. However, that category proves the point: they were simply abandoned and some even severely abused. And then, even our Ginger (a German Shepherd) can’t resist the temptation of a running dog – or anything running for that matter ;-) so dogs love to run, of course. Ah well, if only the majority of people would care about animals …

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