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This is a tribute to a beloved neighbourhood cat, named Zorro. Traffic through our residential area got him in the end …

Zorro, friendliest neighbourhood cat

Zorro, friendliest neighbourhood cat

Zorro belonged to Tommy, the kid next door. He was an incredibly friendly cat with a very adventurous nature. It was this character trait that led to his untimely demise. Our neighbours got Zorro as a kitten from an animal shelter. As he was Tommy’s cat, he got to name him and after due consideration (with a little help from the colour of his fur) it was to be Zorro. Zorro used to play with the neighbourhood kids as well as with other cats, including our own Luca. His friendly nature made sure that he was loved by everyone. But even as a youngster his adventurous streak would get him into trouble. Once he went missing for a few months. Of course, Tommy was inconsolable and his father spent weeks posting notices in nearby supermarkets and inquiring with shelters and vets. We helped looking for Zorro too, by going for walks every night circling in ever wider circles through our area. Then one day our neighbours received a phone call from the family that had adopted Zorro during his time away and who, finally, saw one of the notices. Apparently, the little fellow lost his way and wandered off into the wrong direction until these friendly people found him, some 5km away. Because he didn’t carry any obvious identification (Zorro WAS chipped however!), these people assumed he was a stray and took him into their own home, totallu unaware of the search that had started closeby.

Zorro liked a room with a view

Zorro liked a room with a view

Needless to say, after his return, the neighbours kept Zorro indoors for a long time before they felt confident enough to let him roam outside once again. A year and a half passed by with our furry friend enjoying the company of his neighbourhood’s friends and his own family. Until 28 November 2008 … At around 16:15 he was hit by a car in his own street, just 50 meters away from his own home and died on the spot. My neighbour was one of the first to find him and was, once again, heartbroken. He would also have to be one to tell his son that his faithful friend had died.

Zorro will be sorely missed by the entire neighbourhood. We can only hope that the Lord intends to send more beautiful souls like that our way to enlighten our days …

Zorro helping with household chores

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