posted by Michel on Nov 11

How can anybody do a thing like this to innocent creatures!?!?! You’ll no doubt forgive me for not posting the photos mentioned below. Dr. Zunio from Pets in Practice writes:

Dear all,

This is the medical report that goes with the photos of the poor kittens from dasma village that had to be euthanized:

On the 3rd of november 2008, Ms Nancy CuUnjieng brought in rescued kittens to Vets in Practice from Dasmarinas Village, Makati City. the kittens were wrapped in a plastic bag according to Ms Nancy, and upon examination revealed to be strangled on their own umbilical cords. It is with human intervention that the umbilical cords still attached to each kitten were tied together and could not be released by the mother. Some parts of the body were already swollen due to absence of blood circulation from being strangled. all of them were already dehydrated and had difficulty breathing; they were still covered with their own placenta and were crying from hunger and cold.

The kittens were already dying and presented signs of infection; their immune system is not yet well developed to combat infection. due to the clinical signs seen, the kittens were euthanised using an intravenous euthanasia agent.

This report is issued upon the request of Ms CuUnjieng for whatever purpose it may serve.

Rizalina Zunio, DVM

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