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The Animal Welfare Coalition, or AWC for short, is a cooperation of a number of animal welfare organisations in the Philippines. Together they span quite a range of interest, ranging from legal issues such as fighting the dog meat trade, to the rescue of stray pets and conservation of wild life. Most members are located in the Manila area and regular meetings are held to address campaigns and policies. These people are dedicated to their work, which is illustrated by their successes in getting laws passed through parliament or the fabulous events they organise for e.g. dog owners at popular shopping malls. I’m an associate member and their External Affairs Coordinator. AWC work together with internationally renowned organisations and charities such as WSPA and HSI. Please do check out their web sites for more details and the latest news. In the picture from left to right: Mona Consunji of AWC, me, my mother, Nancy CuUnjieng of CARA, my father and my wife Neressa.

Meeting up with the AWC folks

Meeting up with the AWC folks near Market Market, Makati

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    Dear AWC, do you have an e-mail or fax-number? Thank you!!
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