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posted by Michel on Feb 15

These lovely cats can be sponsored for as little as EUR 5 or US$ 5 per month. Just make an automated monthly payment stating the name of the cat of your choice. See the side bar on the right for instructions.

The AARRC cats awaiting your sponsorship

Mozart: I was one of the first cats here and I arrived from Manila where I was living on the streets in M.H. del Pilar in Malate for those of you that know the area. I’m the sweetest cat you’ll ever find but if you want to kiss me I will try to give you a love bite in your nose hahahaha

Pola: My friend Dayang-Dayang and I were rescued in Manila by the lovely people of CARA and we were brought here so that we could enjoy the provincial country life and give our CARA friends a bit more space. I’m SUPER friendly and I love climbing in our tree.

Frodo: Well you won’t find many local boys like me around here, especially a handsome one like me! I grew up in these parts and was picked up from the street. Now I really enjoy being with my friends because I’m very social.

Bora: Oh? Not so many locals? Well, I’m from the beautiful holiday island of Boracay and that happens to be in the same province as Kalibo, where we live now. I was living in a 3 star hotel when I was very young but they didn’t let us stay in the rooms. Why not???

Mitch: Haaaa! Speaking of local boy. I was the first kitten to be raised here at AARRC. I’m CRAZY about that dog treat “Frolic” and when I smell someone giving it to the doggies, I climb in the fence and ask for it.

Frosty: I’m from Manila too where some idiot ran over my front leg so that I can’t use that any more. However, I’m a gentleman of age now and despite my front leg, I can still clim and jump. Oh, and I just LOVE those “Frolic” too!

Beethoven: I used to live at the airport but when the AARRC people did a spay/neuter project there, they discovered that I was way too sweet to just be wandering around again. So hopefully I will find a new home.

Dayang: Pola already told you where we were from. We are both really gentle cats and we like to climb our tree and rest. We are both very social and like the other cats here. Everybody is so nice!

Flower: I had kittens just after I was found in the streets. I’m from Kalibo so I’m definitely a local beauty. I was named after the head of a meerkat family on television programme called The Meerkat Manor. Probably because I’m a real survivor and still a very nice personality.
[Sponsor: Linda Saueressig]

Nanay: Did you know that my name means “mother” in Tagalog? In this picture I can be seen with my kittens that I got just after I arrived here at AARRC. They have a home now but I’m still with AARRC. Because I was a streetcat living at the airport, I’m still a little shy, but I wouldn’t hurt a fly.

posted by Michel on Feb 13

On February 8 and 9, a 3 person strong spay/neuter team from the Philippines Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) visited AARRC to perform a spay/neuter session. A few days prior to the event, AARRC volunteer Moien Legaspi and others announced door-to-door in Barangay Andagao, Kalibo that families could bring their dogs and cats for this free of charge event (it was paid for by our sponsors). Thanks to the PAWS team’s hard work, the results were: Male dogs 24, Female dogs 13, Male cats 6, Female cats 2. 45 animals spayed/neutered in total. Awesome!!!

The PAWS spay/neuter team



posted by Michel on Feb 5

These lovely dogs can be sponsored for as little as EUR 5 or US$ 5 per month. Just make an automated monthly payment stating the name of the dog of your choice. See the side bar on the right for instructions.


The AARRC dogs awaiting your sponsorship

Tina: Well, I’m Tina and I arrived here just a few weeks ago. I cannot walk at all because of my spinal injury, but the nice AARRC people have given me a wheelchair so now I RUN, RUN, RUN!!! I’m a really sweet-natured dog and I love the attention I get here. The only problem is now that I need to learn how to drive ;-)

Luningning: I came to AARRC last year and I’m a really playful character, very sweet-natured too and I just want to play with everyone. It wasn’t always like that because I lost my two sons last year and that made me very sad for a while. My friends here look after me though.
[Sponsor: Melanie van Leeuwen]

Urbanz: Well, when they asked me to tell a bit about myself I said I ehhh, well, ehhhh I’m bit shy you see. I’m a good guard dog but you do have to get to know me over a long time. When I’m on the beach with my friends, I forget my shyness and we all run like mad hahahaha!

Hatchi: I’m the sweetest little dog around here (sorry Snowy!) and I like walking and sleeping a lot. I like the beach and, wait for this, SWIMMING! Probably because the AARRC folks found me on the beach.
[Sponsor: Mrs. Neressa van der Kleij-Toabe]

Tita: I used to live just around the corner when I was little, but nobody was interested in me. I had eye infection and a little mange. Now that I’ve grown up into a real sweetheart that everybody loves, I feel very happy to be here with my friends. I just love the beach and play in the water.

Arwen: Hi there! I’m the queen around here! Yes, that’t right, I run things when the people aren’t looking hahaha. Seriously, I’m also a very sweet dog and there’s nothing I like better than to greet the humans when they arrive and show them I can dance and do “Gimme 5!”. Oh, and running is one of my specialities.
[Sponsor: Mr. Joep Thijssen]

Ino: If you would notice me (but not many dogs and people do) then you would find that I’m really sweet and adventurous in a way. But then, I got used to hiding in corners away from all those bullies. Fortunately, I have many friends here now and I feel a lot better.

Bella: I really miss my Mummy Stephanie, the nice girl that looked after me before. But because she had to move and because I am disabled just like Tina, she gave me to AARRC to be looked after. Guess what? Now I have a wheelchair too and I can play with my friend Bantay. Yihaaa!!!

Oprah: Hmmm I’m one of the shy ones too. I’m very sweet and good natured, but when I don’t know you I tend to hide away. Fortunately Nicky of AARRC has helped me a lot and now I’m already much and much happier. I love sunning myself in a quiet little corner.
[Sponsor: Ms. Nicky Jenken]

Falco: Hello folks! I’m Falco and I’m Chief of Security around here. That is because I can be really dominant. But hey, I’m the guard so what do you expect? Once I get to know you I’m sure we’ll get along fine. Just give me time. I enjoy walking on the beach and splashing around in the water.

Snowy: Ahh queen eh? (Sorry Arwen!) Well yes, but if I were bigger there would be no contest ;-) Seriously folks, I’m an expert rat hunter and an excellent guard dog. Nothing even comes close, literally! I love running on the beach and lazing around the humans. Given half a chance I’ll sleep in a bed, as queens do of course.
[Sponsor: Norah van Leeuwen]

Viper: Thanks for listening to me, I’m <<ahem>> a real gentleman of age. Together with my friend Oprah, we’ve been through some really tough times and to top it all off, I not only list an eye but also my fur. The nice people here at AARRC are doing what they can to restore me to my former glory, but it’s taking time. In the mean time, I just take it easy and enjoy my pension for a change!
[Sponsor: Mr. Joep Thijssen]

GM: When I was found I was scared and had no fur to shelter me from the rain or cold. I felt really miserable, but now after almost a year, my fur is slowly coming back and I feel a lot better. One day I will be beautiful again! I like to look after the puppies here and they are my real friends.

Soldier: After having lived with another family, I was assigned to be a guard dog with AARRC. I vow I will always do my duty by being a faithful dog and guard. Just don’t let me out of your sight though or I will hump your leg out of joy hahahaha.
[Sponsor: Fam. Saueressig]

Sophie: Not all that long ago I was a victim of the Dog Meat Trade … Together with hundreds of others I was transport in cages on a truck on our way to, well I don’t want to know, but I fear it would have been my final destination. Fortunately the kind people of Animal Kingdom Foundation rescued me and gave me to AARRC to have a happy life from now on. I love my new buddies!!!!

Jiji: Me, well, ehhhh, I’m a bit shy too. But when you see me on our beach, then you’ll know why they call me the “Pocket Rocket”. Because I’m the fastest runner here. I just love teasing my buddies Tita and Agua hahahaha.

Gracia: I’m still a bit shy but that is also because I don’t feel so beautiful at the moment. I have mange you see. Still, I’m being treated now and when I go to the beach or play with my friend Bantay, I totally forget my troubles and just play.

Bantay: Yeah, my friend Gracia needs cheering up, so that’s why I run around the yard like crazy trying to get some playtime. The young ones generally don’t mid, like auntie Luningning or my buddie Gracia. Other times I’m afraid I just have to adapt and sleep.

Biselda: When I was a little puppy, I had an accident on the road outside our house and I broke my hip. Therefore I can’t walk very well anymore, but I’m a very happy girl and I like being with my friends and go to the beach. Sometimes I even manage a bit of a run, just to show you guys I’m happy!!!

Prada: I’m the new kid here, so what can I say: getting to know the others but because of the quarantine, I’m not allowed to play with anyone yet. At first I was REALLY unhappy and kept everyone awake, but now that I’m getting to know the gang, they’re not so bad at all.
[Sponsor: Lauryn van Leeuwen]

Gaisano: Hi everyone. I’m a dog of very few words. I can’t see very well due to my age, but I’m a happy and quiet guy. I get along very well with all the others here.

Agua: Hey, don’t you think I’m a beauty? I won a beauty contest at the Kalibo town square last year for “Best Asong Pinoy (Philippine Dog) in Show” and I’m REALLY proud. I’m a sweet girl that loves to run on the beach and chase mice and rats too. My best buddy is Arwen.