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posted by Michel on Jun 19

Every now and then, kind people donate stuff for our animals that is extremely welcome. This ranges from rather mundane sounding items such as bed sheets, blankets and towels, to dog collars and leashes, baskets for the animals to lie in, tennis balls to play with, cat litter boxes, transport cages, medical supplies and so on and so forth. There’s only one problem though: how to get all these things to the Philippines for a decent price? Well, as it happens we found a forwarder who specialises in transporting so-called balikbayan boxes that has a heart for animals and agreed to do his thing at a discounted price.

First of all, we had to sort through all the items and divide them over the 3 Island Rescue Organization locations: Cebu City, Catbalogan in Samar and ourselves in Kalibo.

Sorting through donations for the 3 IRO locations: Kalibo, Catbalogan and Cebu

Next, everything must be packed in cardboard boxes so that it withstands the trip overseas in a 30 or 40 foot container.

Everything packed and ready to go.

Finally, our van is loaded up to deliver the goods to ELJO Balikbayan Box in Belgium.

Off to Belgium to catch the next container.

None of this would have been possible without Nanda de Jong, Dierenasiel Rotterdam, Stichting Streekdierenthuis ‘t Julialaantje and Elvie and Johan of ELJO Balikbayan Box, pardon the shameless plug but they deserve it! ;-)