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posted by Michel on Mar 12

In the previous post, about the video clip on how we rescued GM from mange, I also mentioned our volunteer Claudia. I think it is time to put the spotlight on her, since she has been doing such great job with the kittens, earning her the honorary title “Kitten Mum” … Make no mistake, raising kittens is hard work. When they’re new born and there is no mother to feed them, they need to be fed lactose-free milk (from a powder) every 2 hours, all through day and night.

Therefore, I would like to introduce you to Claudia Baks-Schulz, originally from Hamburg, Germany and now living in Kalibo. She has already raised a number of kittens for us and we know for a fact that a lot of our especially younger cats would not have survived without her. In the picture below she’s holding Tommy and Jerry (r). Jerry is the last surviving (of 2) kittens rescued by the owners of the Blue Starfish Resort in Tangalan and Tommy is the last survivor (of 5) kittens that were born at AARRC after we had caught the mother at Kalibo Airport late January.

Claudia, well done and maraming salamat!

Claudia, our Kitten Mum

Claudia, our Kitten Mum

posted by Michel on Mar 10

First of all, a few updates on our shelter animals. Of the 5 kittens that were born at AARRC in early February, only 1 has survived so far. He is called Tommy and now in the care of our volunteer Claudia who has good experience raising small kittens. One of the 2 Blue Starfish kittens also died. We think she fell down after climbing. She will be missed as she was such a delightful little thing … Her brother, Jerry, is also with Claudia. Our puppies Jiji, Tita and Pablo are doing well.

Let’s move on to that clip. Well, our volunteers Sanne, Bernard and myself have been taking videos while doing our projects last November and February and I will be making complete clips from all of these fragments. The first of that series was finished just last night and here’s the link on YouTube:

Rescuing GM

The description is: Kalibo, Aklan, Philippines – GM is a young female dog that popped up in our headlights one evening. She was obviously in distress: her body was covered in mange and she didn’t have any fur left. Instead her skin had already started to keratinise and she had lots of open wounds. Fortunately, our foundation, the Aklan Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre (AARRC) together with partners and volunteers, saved her!

GM, the subject of our first video clip

GM, the subject of our first video clip