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posted by Michel on Aug 4

Lately, there’s been a lot of upheaval amongst animal welfare supporters around the world. What happened was that an appalling video has surfaced, showing the gassing of innocent “stray” dogs by means of exhaust fumes. In the Philippines, known as “tambucho gassing” (tambucho means exhaust in Tagalog).

To make matters worse, this incredibly crude and painful method is approved by the Philippines’ Committee on Animal Welfare (CAW) under the country’s Animal Welfare Act of 1998 (RA 8485). Which makes one wonder what sort of people and organisations sit in this committee!!!

I won’t post links to the video evidence or the pictures here, but very clearly, this is totally unacceptable. Fortunately, a movement has started to combat these outrageous killings. You can lend a hand simply by signing the petition. And don’t worry, in my own experience, this site doest NOT inundate your inbox with spam, so it’s completely safe. Here’s the link: Tambucho gassing is not euthanasia

Of course, we all realise that the stray dog and cat populations need to be regulated. However, ruthless killing is NOT the way. The so-called Trap / Neuter / Return (TNR) scheme is! A lot of research has gone into this and time and again it has been shown that TNR works effectively and humanely.

If this gassing, and let’s not forget, other inhumane methods of killing animals for whatever purpose is allowed to continue, we should all be ashamed of being part of this species. If you want my opinion, we’re messing up our stewardship of our own planet. Should you be religiously inclined and believe that God himself put us in charge, then I feel that he could not have made a worse choice :-(