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posted by Michel on Apr 14

This is the story of two lovely kittens that suddenly found themselves in our care.

One day, I was visiting the house of friends of ours in Magdalena Village, which is a subdivision in Kalibo. As I was about to drive off on the scooter that we had bought only the week before, I heard that typical kitten-cry that you just can’t miss. In the middle of the uncemented road in front of the friends’ house, there was a kitten. All by itself and no sign of any other kittens or the mother. None of the immediate neighbours appeared to be home. So in the pocket (literally!) he went for the 5 minute drive home. A quick SMS message to Nancy CuUnjieng of CARA learned that we should feed him lactose-free milk made from powder which can be bought from Mercury Drug here in town.

Soon it became apparent that Luciano appeared to be VERY young, perhaps as young as 3 weeks, but had been blessed with a magnificent set of lungs judging by the volume with which he “requested” his feeds. Hence we decided to name him after that other icon of voices, Luciano Paverotti. We tried to feed our little Luciano as often as we could (around every 2 – 3 hours) using either a syringe or a baby bottle. Both worked quite well it seemed and Luciano grew stronger bit by bit.

Luciano is fed by Neressas niece Inday

Luciano is fed by Neressa's niece Inday

A few days before we had to travel back to the Netherlands, another small kitten caught our eye. He was already bigger than Luciano, perhaps 2 months old and looked in good health. We located the “owner” nearby and she said that he had been with his mother until then. Obviously, it is always best for a kitten to be with its Mum. However, she made it clear that she’d rather see him go. Since we were hoping a kitten of roughly the same age would be good for Luciano, we decided to adopt him and name him after that famous friend of Luciano Paverotti, Jose Carreras. Jose turned out to be lively little character, but not quite as loud as his adopted brother.

Unfortunately, we had to leave our furry friends alone for around 6 – 7 months and in the care of Neressa’s niece JM and our caretaker. Then one day we heard that Luciano had died suddenly … There’s no telling what had caused his sudden demise. Possibly an infection that he was unable to fight for lack of anti-bodies in his milk.

Luciano didnt make it but was cared for lovingly at least

Luciano didn't make it but was cared for lovingly at least

So I guess that as we already realised before, it’s “win some, lose some” when it comes to fostering such small babies. We’re pleased to know that at least Jose carries on and has turned into a great playmate for our puppy Arwen and small dog Snowy.

So if anyone can give us useful tips on how to keep these tiny ones alive, we’ll be MORE than interested to hear from you …

Jose moet nog even rustig wennen

Jose needs to settle in but wants to play with his friend Luciano