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posted by Michel on Mar 10

I’m ANGRY, I’m APALLED, and I’m soooo DISAPPOINTED with the utter ignorance that I see around me…

Year after year we see the same thing: usually very young animals are given away as a present. For Easter, for Christmas or some other (supposedly religious) holiday. Just imagine how your life would change if you yourself were given away as a “freebie”! End up with someone who never asked for your presence and who doesn’t know how to look after you, should he or she even have the interest in dong so in the first place. This is exactly what happens to MILLIONS of innocent rabbits, chicks, goldfish and other cuddly species all over the world. Unfortunately, it’s indicative of how little RESPECT people have for life other than their own.

Let’s face it, this habit is meant for commercial reasons only, to stimulate sales, attract attention of the public in markets, malls, shops and the like. How many of us are silly enough to be lured into buying stuff we don’t need anyway these days?

This stupid practise HAS TO STOP! Nobody really wants them anyway. Instead, let’s make sure that these animals get proper care and plenty of opportunity to lead a normal life as nature intended for them to have.

So let’s get together and tell these ignorant shop-keepers that we don’t want them to treat our animals with so little care and respect, that their criminal behaviour has to stop, or we simply will NEVER EVER visit their puny and disgusting little shops again in our lives!

Animals are no giveaways!

Animals are no giveaways!

posted by Michel on Mar 4

Another fine day for a long walk along the beach. Well quite honestly, I got a bit lost in the mangrove swamps south of Kalibo Airport (Pook I presume), so I was quite happy when I made it back to my familiar beach well before dark. Just before leaving the beach I bump into a young couple and their two puppy dogs, Carol and Hunter. Although scared at first, soon they fall for my plentiful supply of Alpo dry pellets. My God, these poor things are SO skinny! It’s obvious that the couple are finding it hard to scrape together enough food to properly feed their dogs as well as themselves. Living this close by the sea, I conclude that the chap must be a fisherman and that the puppies live on fish and rice. Although the couple don’t speak much English and I don’t speak much Tagalog (or Visayan) yet, I manage to convey the idea that I’ll return with some dog food for the puppies.

A few days later I manage to find the house again along the beach where they live. Couple is absent but Carol, Hunter and (presumably) their mother (later I find out that her name is Sharon) are inside. I hang the two plastic bags of dog food on the fence and manage to squeeze my hand through a gap in the wall to give the hungry dogs another taste. Again a few days later, Neressa and I walk along the beach when we bump into Carol and Hunter again. This time they immediately accept the Alpo pellets and their enthusiastic barking alerts the couple that we’re outside. Neressa has a long chat with them as we sit together and the chappy shows how Hunter eagerly catches the pellets in the air, while Carol affectionately lies down at my feet. As the weeks pass, I drop by and donate some more dog food. Also the locally (well, Manila actually) produced Aspin, for which I haven’t been able to find a web site yet, goes down very well it seems.

can we really eat this stuff?

Carol (l) and Hunter (r): can we really eat this stuff?

We sincerely hope that our donation enables the two puppies to grow into healthy dogs to withstand the various adverse condition that a tough life on the beaches throws at them. When I come back we’ll hopefully be able to take them to ASU for sterilisation. For now, they’ll have to be satisfied with the food … Good luck guys!